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stockholm, jan. 3 (xinhua) -- borje ekholm, chief executive officer (ceo) of swedish telecom giant ericsson, has been lobbying the swedish government to repeal a ban that prohibits huawei and zte from participating in the country's 5g construction, according to local newspaper dagens nyheter.

"this business will be better in 2021," gou added.

visitor arrivals to macao reached 30,747 on dec. 31, 2020, while the average daily visitor arrivals exceeded 21,000 between dec. 31, 2020 and jan. 3, 2021, an increase of 13.1 percent over the average daily visitor arrivals in october, according to the macao government tourism online gambling illegal in singapore

aside from its relatively low cost, the new uav has several advantages over manned aircraft, including the ability to fly for longer periods in challenging weather conditions due in part to its anti-icing and de-icing features. it also has a large carrying capacity, extensive data collection capabilities and considerable growth online gambling illegal in singapore

the longer the pandemic and corresponding lockdown measures last, the deeper the economic recession, and the harder it is for recovery, observed martin wolf, chief economics commentator of the financial times, expressing his worries.