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china's solutions to global challenges in tumultuous age

chinese feature film "a little red flower" continued leading box office chart on the mainland saturday, grossing 165.93 million yuan (around 25.45 million u.s. dollars).

china to create more opportunities for world economic recovery

coming in second was the chinese comedy "warm hug," also released on thursday, raking in about 103.54 million yuan on saturday.

beijing, jan. 2 (xinhua) -- chinese state councilor and foreign minister wang yi said that china's diplomacy shoulders the important responsibilities of safeguarding national interests, defending national dignity, facilitating international cooperation, and promoting world peace.

the eu turns a new page of the european integration project as it enters the year of 2021 with britain not belonging to the bloc any more, demographically, politically and economically.

countries should take responsible actions to drive global economic recovery