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the world is paying close attention to whether the global economy can shake off recession in 2021.

the country is now acquainted with the regularities of and experience gained from covid-19 prevention and control, especially during times of pressure, such as school reopening, summer vacation and the national day golden week holiday. it is entirely possible to stay safe during the upcoming travel rush thanks to epidemic preparedness, careful planning and proper deployment.

gaocheng district of shijiazhuang was classified wednesday as a high-risk area for covid-19.gambling cowboy happy hour menu

the statement also urged chinese customs and animal disease prevention and control agencies to step up guard against such imports.gambling cowboy happy hour menu

darya boyi village, a sparsely populated village that used to sit in the taklimakan desert of northwest china's xinjiang uygur autonomous region, has witnessed profound changes over the past years after being relocated to a new site, thanks to china's poverty alleviation efforts.