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against such a challenging backdrop, china has embarked upon a new 15-year endeavor to build itself into a "modern socialist country" under the leadership of the communist party of china (cpc), which celebrates its 100th founding anniversary this year.

the mating season for wild pandas usually lasts from march to may every year, and most of the species' interactions are made in the form of scent marking in their habitats, according to he.

according to the list, foreign enterprises not only can invest in more industries, but also enjoy a series of favorable policies. for encouraged foreign investment projects, the equipment within the total investment volume are exempted from tariffs, except for those stipulated in special catalogs. the foreign enterprises that invest in the industries encouraged by western regions and hainan province will enjoy an 85 percent discount in corporate income tax. besides, the encouraged industrial projects of intensive land use will enjoy priority in land supply.

"i've gained weight now, and i was less than 45 kilograms in the past," song said.

beijing, jan. 6 (xinhua) -- china's central bank outlined key policies and tasks for 2021 during an annual work conference held in beijing.

what's behind the great performance is constant investment on innovation. it is reported that the county's investment on r&d has accounted for over 4 percent of its gdp for five years in a row, and the number of invention patents per 10,000 people has reached 60. sci-tech progress contributes 70 percent to the county's economic development. in recent years, the county has introduced a batch of professional technological and management teams with international views, which constantly improved its technological strength. 

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"when enterprises scale up their businefoknewssses, the interaction between data and devices is very important. many parameters were predicted based on experience, which always led to poor management and deviations in decision making. now, it only takes a few hours to generate production and sales figures, so we have precise control over the business," jia noted. he believes digital transformation decides the future of enterprises.the conference released a clear signal from the communist party of china (cpc) to the society

that solving issues related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers is the top priority for the cpc.the country should build high-standard farmland, strive to be self-reliant in agricultural technologies, accelerate to tackle core technologies related to agriculture, encourage farmers to grow more grains, and stabilize and increase subsidies for farmers.china’s energy structure was constantly optimized during the 13th five-year plan period (2016-2020). the coal consumption was largely curbed; stable petroleum and gas supply was guaranteed; and clean energy occupied a larger share."we are not abandoning resuscitation," gausche-hill said. "what we're asking is that -- which is slightly different than before -- is that we are emphasizing the fact that transporting these patients arrested leads to very poor outcomes. we knew that already and we just don't want to impact our hospitals."in its 57-year history, the iconic arecibo telescope witnessed numerous historic breakthroughs in astronomy. fast, an extension of the ancient chinese practice of observing thow to play the american dv lotteryhe stars, is taking up the baton and blazing new frontiers.



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