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what's good for the eu, analysts believe, is that the free trade agreement with britain, together with the eu-china investment deal announced last week, has tested the solidarity and strategic autonomy of the pan-europe union.

"this demonstrated china's sincere desire to share its market opportunities with the world to tide over difficulties," said chen fengying, a researcher at the china institutes of contemporary international relations.

according to statistics, the yangtze river is home to 424 types of fish, of which 183 are endemic, with the categories of freshwater fish in the river comprises 33 percent of the national total. experts noted that there is not much time left to protect the river’s ecological system before more animals follow baiji’s fate, causing great loss to china’s biodiversity.west virginia giving away guns during vaccine lottery

the digitalization of the helan mountain cliff carvings and paintings started in 2019.west virginia giving away guns during vaccine lottery

beijing, jan. 3 (xinhua) -- a total of 73,537 people in 220 inoculation venues across beijing have received the first dose of covid-19 vaccine in two days since the city began administering the jab among specific groups of people with higher infection risks on friday.