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the last nine impoverished counties, all in southwest china's guizhou province, eliminated absolute poverty, the guizhou provincial government announced on nov.23, which signifies all 832 registered poor counties in china have been lifted out of poverty.

mexico is ready to take its holding of the rotating presidency of the celac as an opportunity to push for more achievements in mexico-china and latin america-china relations, he said.

 which lottery game is easiest to win

baiji is not the only animal that was eradicated from the river by human activities. in january, the chinese paddlefish, one of the world’s largest freshwater fish species, a native of the yangtze river system, has been declared extinct. many of baiji’s less-storied neighbors, such as the finless porpoise, are now facing the grave danger of extinction.which lottery game is easiest to win

-- the civil code holds an important position in the chinese socialist system of laws.