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this year, china became the first country to control covid-19 and resume work, turning its economic growth positive. the country actively led international cooperation on pandemic control and resolutely expanded opening up. it has given a "prescription" to improving global governance in the post-pandemic era and is taking concrete steps to build a community with a shared future for mankind.

this year, china was faced with mounting challenges in political, economic, cultural, military, social and international fields, and suffered natural disasters as well.

the chinese side will continue to build a new type of international relations. "guided by president xi's personal involvement in diplomacy, we will work for steady progress in china's relations with major powers, cement solidarity and friendship with neighbors and other developing countries, and further deepen international and regional cooperation," he to apply for the diversity visa lottery

subsidies for nevs in public transportation, environmental sanitation, postal services and logistics, and civil aviation airports, among others, will be cut by 10 percent compared to that of 2020, said the to apply for the diversity visa lottery

the chinese side will further upgrade opening-up and cooperation. wang said china will advance high-quality belt and road cooperation, tap into the strength of china's enormous market and its potential of domestic demand, boost global recovery with its own growth, and share with the world china's "development dividends".