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(china daily) 2021-08-13 00:14

industry analyst mu chen, who heads beacon's research institute, said domestic films had risen to become the major power propelling the homegrown market's robust recovery. mu said the upcoming spring festival holiday-one of china's most lucrative box-office seasons-will accelerate the recovery of the domestic market.

hefei, jan. 1 (xinhua) -- chinese scientists have developed an integrated quantum memory with on-demand retrieval capability, a significant step toward building quantum networks.

beijing, jan. 1 (xinhua) -- china's civil code officially takes effect on friday, replacing the country's previous standalone civil laws.

china has secured a great historic achievement for fully building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and a decisive victory in poverty eradication, xi said.advantage gold lottery software review

its innovation includes the introduction of self-driving mode, 5g technology, and new energy (lithium battery). one of the big innovations lies in its in-wheel motor technology, which allows each wheel to independently adjust its direction, creating a shorter turning radius than traditional tractors, making it more flexible to control.

tao lina, a vaccine expert in shanghai, said that the approval demonstrated that china has created a "miracle" by creating a vaccine within one year.

to meet the demand and ensure smooth international transport services, horgos customs has optimized the handling process, shortened the loading time and streamlined customs clearance.

overcoming challenges brought by covid-19, china has become the first major economy in the world to register positive growth, and its gdp is expected to exceed 100 trillion yuan (about 15.38 trillion u.s. dollars) in 2020.

"both countries will abide by their respective obligations, and will now proceed with the necessary actions, resulting from this termination of the hsr agreement," the statement said.

noting that the year 2021 will be of historic significance to china's national rejuvenation, wang said the country will celebrate the centenary of the communist party of china (cpc) and embark on a new journey of fully building a modern socialist country.

a wild adult giant panda was found in the protected area of fushou village, pingwu county, southwest china’s sichuan province, according to publicity department of communist party of china (cpc) pingwu county committee, red star news reported on jan. 2.

xi called for continued efforts to score more "glorious" achievements while delivering a televised new year speech to ring in 2021, a year deemed crucial by the chinese leadership as it will mark the 100th founding anniversary of the communist party of china (cpc) and kick off a 15-year endeavor to build china into a "modern socialist country."advantage gold lottery software review

the achievements once again showed to the world that although europe and china have differences on some issues, both sides have the political will to strengthen dialogue and deepen cooperation on the basis of mutual respect to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, they said.

the two sides should better synergize their development strategies and strengthen new forms and new drivers of cooperation, xi said, urging them to carry forward the china-russia year of scientific and technological innovation program, and push for all-round exchanges and cooperation between their scientific and technological communities and industrial sectors, so as to better boost the high-quality economic development of both countries.

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