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how do i use apple pay on my apple watch series 3;

how do i use apple pay on my apple watch series 3;

pap service members manipulate attack helicopters in flight mission

the following are the top 10 china news events of the year selected by the people’s daily.

companies busy producing covid-19 vaccines to ensure inoculation

after the covid-19 vaccines are approved to enter the market, especially when production capacity increases, china will comprehensively vaccinate senior citizens, people with underlying conditions, and the general public systematically, the nhc official said.

china is one of the most resilient economies amid the ravaging pandemic and global economic slump. the country was among the first to have put the virus under control, to have resumed work and production and to have realized economic stability and recovery, which not only made it the first major economy in the world to register positive growth in 2020 but also brought confidence and hope to others in the world.

he said the chinese side will actively facilitate mutual understanding between countries, better communicate to the world the cpc's strong record of governance, the chinese people's extraordinary journey towards the chinese dream and china's commitment to peaceful development, and call on all countries to overcome differences, seek common development and embrace exchanges, mutual learning and harmony between civilizations.

chinese vaccines welcomed by world