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"we advocate international law and basic norms of international relations in the conduct of state-to-state exchanges. we uphold equity, justice and other shared values of humanity in handling international affairs," he said, noting china's diplomacy has acquired a distinct chinese feature, style and vision.

the eu and britain announced on dec. 24, 2020 that they had reached an agreement that will govern their trade and security relationship starting from jan. 1, 2021, after the end of the brexit transition period.

“the extinction of the baiji stung the collective conscience of the chinese people. the remaining fish’s fate foreshadows the health of the whole river ecosystem, so the crisis is also our own," said jiang meng, secretary-general of the nanjing yangtze finless porpoise conservation association.

what has made a nation great is that it never gives up, shrinks or stops in the face of any difficulties and risks, and strives for its future and destiny with lottery weekly results for today

the covid-19 pandemic is the most serious global pandemic in a century and has become a huge variable in today’s world. the pandemic is still wreaking havoc and some countries face the threat of a second wave of infections.

the economic globalization has run up against headwinds; protectionism and unilateralism are on the rise; and the world economy has been severely impacted by covid-19. as two of the world's stabilizers and major economies, china and the eu have jointly released a positive signal to safeguard multilateralism and the rule-based open world economy by finishing the investment pact talks. this will better strengthen the "dual engines" driving the global economy and inject more certainty and development impetus.

the example china set manifests the strong leadership of the cpc, the unyielding spirit of the chinese people, and the notable advantages of socialism with chinese characteristics.

as the rich and poor are distinctly divided in the u.s. and the american government allows wealth to be controlled by a small number of people, the country now has the lowest rate of social mobility of any of the rich countries, and it comes as no surprise that “the american dream is rapidly becoming the american illusion”.

"the covid-19 vaccines will be provided free of charge to all chinese people," zeng said.

fifth, xi urged multilateral cooperation, adding china and europe should enhance coordination and cooperation within frameworks including the united nations, the group of twenty (g20), the world trade organization, and the world health organization, facilitate political settlement of international and regional hotspot issues, actively implement the g20 debt service suspension initiative, and support pandemic response and development in africa, to promote world development and prosperity.

the move came one day after the institute announced that the vaccine showed 79.34 percent efficacy and a 99.52 percent antibody positive conversion rate, according to interim results of the phase iii clinical trials.

in the first half of 2020, the most serious outbreak of locusts in 25 years spread across east africa, threatening food security for nearly 20 million people. forest fires continued to ravage australia, bringing devastating loss and the destruction of forest ecology. early november, hurricane iota swept central america and coastal areas of north america, hitting millions of lottery weekly results for today

with the help of the local government, the couple joined a patrol team to clean floating trash and report sightings of finless porpoises, a job that earns them 5,000 yuan a month (about 0). instead of fishing on the river, now zhu and his wife patrol 10 to 15 km of water per day on average, collecting up to 200 kg of trash on a busy day.

noting that most bri projects have continued uninterrupted and without layoffs and a number of new projects have been launched as scheduled, the foreign minister said this has brought much-needed warmth to this harsh winter in the world economy and contributed to the efforts of partner countries in fighting the coronavirus, stabilizing the economy, and protecting livelihoods.

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