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"the resort can receive over 1,000 skiers every weekend," said resort manager gou faxia.

in october last year, china agreed with the who on the members of the international expert team.

the cold wave has gripped beijing since wednesday, bringing drastic temperature drops and strong winds.gta v online how to win slot machines

zhejiang zhongcai pipes science & technology co. ltd. has signed a cooperative agreement with megvii to build unmanned workshops. general manager of the company jia liqiang said that sorting and encasing were completed by employees after pipes of different types rolled off production lines, but now all the work is done with the advanced visual recognition technology of megvii.gta v online how to win slot machines

beijing, jan. 6 (xinhua) -- increasingly open to international cooperation, china is making its five-hundred-meter aperture spherical radio telescope (fast) platform available to the global scientific community.