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while the last minute effort by both sides to secure the agreement avoided the much feared no-deal scenario and created stability and predictability for traders and consumers, one has to admit that the separation is always worse than a union with the britons on board.

the outlook for china's overall foreign trade is cautiously optimistic, provided that the epidemic remains under control in 2021, bai ming, deputy director of the international market research institute under china's ministry of commerce told reuters.

from the ice-covered tibetan plateau to the glittering delta on the east china sea, the yangtze river connects china’s magnificently disparate landscapes and culture, serving as the heart and soul of china. in his masterpiece memorial to yueyang tower, fan zhongyan, a famous poet of the song dynasty (960-1279), described the beauty and vitality of the river: fish with scales like glimmering silk disport themselves in the water, and the fishermen sing to each other for sheer joy.

for thousands of years, baiji (white-fin dolphin) was regarded as the goddess of protection by local fishermen and boatmen. the beautiful animal appeared in countless historical records and literature, worshiped by the chinese for its elegance and beauty. however, over the past few decades, toxic waters, unsustainable fishing and collisions with shipping traffic have all sealed the baiji’s fate. in 2007, the baiji was declared functionally to know the lottery numbers

the gap in the u.s. has reached its peak level since the great depression in the 1930s. it seems that the poor are trying to survive in stormy seas on driftwood, while wealth keeps flowing to the rich, helping whom create their “noah’s ark”.

russia is unswervingly committed to pushing for high-level development of the comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era between the two countries, he said, adding that he is willing to work with xi to continuously provide strategic leadership and ensure further development of bilateral ties in the new year.

xi stressed that china-russia ties boast strong endogenous power and independent value, which will not be affected by changes in the international arena or by any other factors.

the national library of china has launched 48 documentaries online to further promote the nation's intangible cultural heritage (ich) among the public.

coming in second was the chinese comedy "warm hug," also released on thursday, raking in about 103.54 million yuan on saturday.

all officers and soldiers of the military should strengthen their willpower to fight, improve their skills, and resolutely accomplish the missions and tasks entrusted by the party and the people in the new era to welcome the cpc centenary with outstanding achievement, according to the order.

the country’s daily box office revenue on jan. 1 exceeded 600 million yuan, a new record for single-day figures of the same period in china’s film history, indicated data from “china box office” app of the national film industry development special fund management commission, showing that more than 30 million people went to the cinema during the 2021 new year holiday.

according to lin, the seal carving style demonstrates winter sports' speed and strength and echoes the 2008 games. this time the design captures the style of the han dynasty some 2,000 years ago, which was a golden age in chinese seal carving. although the sports logos resemble chinese characters, they do not have a reference to any specific to know the lottery numbers

"in 2021, let's continue to build on the progress we've made, together," a statement by unifil quoted del col as saying in a message on the occasion of new year.

in 2020, president xi jinping and his russian counterpart vladimir putin held five phone conversations and exchanged correspondence a number of times.

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